I’m putting my heart out there for you to read. I’ll probably get some blow back from this but that’s alright. This has been in my heart and on my mind for a few weeks now. I don’t know if I’m just cynical or what but I’m really tired of all the complaining about nativities not being displayed on public property. I know the story of Jesus and His birth but the story didn’t end in the stable; that’s where it began. Also, I don’t expect non-believers to have the same love and respect for such things. Why waste so much energy trying to protest such things. Instead, tell people why the birth of Christ was so important. And for the love of God, don’t stop at the manger, take them to the cross, tomb, and resurrection. 

While I’m on a roll here, stop with the whole “keep Christ in CHRISTmas” stuff. I understand. You want to make sure that people know the meaning of Christmas but if you wait till the busiest, most commercialized time of the year to tell the story of Christ then you might have an issue. Also if your faith sharing consist of a seasonal display then you might have a problem.

Bottom line, If we didn’t want Christ to be taken out of Christmas then maybe we should not have let Santa take His place. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if your faith is only important during major holidays then you need to see what faith you are following.

I love Christmas. I love the amazingly awesome gift of Jesus Christ. I want to use this time to share His love. Building relationships and serving others is what I want to do. I’ll take that over “decorating for the season.” With that, Merry Christmas and remember that Jesus came, died, and rose from the dead to conquer sin so that His precious creation, you and me, can have eternal life not pretty yard decorations!


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